Create, Collaborate, Deliver & Entertain

Create the Best Work

Our crew experience spans award winning film Special Effects and some of the most successful 3D game titles of all time. 'Good Enough' has never been enough.

Collaborate with the Most Talented Partners

We consider all of our 'Clients' to be partners in our success. This approach not only creatively pushes us, but leads interaction with integrity and the highest professional standards - providing the best results.

Deliver On Time

With over 25 years of Digital Production experience, D6 knows the value of producing on schedule. We use that knowledge and experience to avoid problems BEFORE they effect schedule allowing us to focus on higher quality.


Digital Art is too much work to not enjoy the process of creating it. We have fun developing entertaining, exciting work. Providing not just visual, but a positive impact is part of what makes D6 successful.




After several years of high end production work, you see patterns. One of those patterns was the same people being hired to work on 'Difficult Problems' for different Film and 3D game projects. This distilled down to six core members - we became friends.

One evening over dinner, it was proposed that a proactive effort be put together to create tools and IP that could be used by the group on future projects. Deep thoughts that were typically ignored or thrown into the pit of 'It would be nice if we had...' We agreed that if we could create solutions that were 'Better by Design' we should - Deep Six was born.

Our 'Run Silent, Run Deep' approach to implementing 'Deep Ideas' in real-world scenarios continues today. Results are the best measure of a cool concept. We've always found it advantageous to innovate our way to superior results - absorbing the risk and the cost - positively impacting the current project.

Initially, an Impossible Missions Force setup was implemented via the web so that multiple contractors could be reconfigured for different projects. As more and more people were added, we've grown in scope and capability. Today, D6 is two persistent Digital Studios.





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